DIY Large Paper Rosettes

I’ve had quite a few friends ask how I make the paper rosettes that I’ve been making for my banners and cards, so I thought this would a great DIY Tutorial project…plus any chance to be crafty is a great one!


Here is what I used today to make these:

*You can do this with just glue, paper and scoring board, but I made this particular rosette a little more fancy since they will be for my baby girl’s 1st birthday!

(how did that even happen!? didn’t we just bring her home from the hospital?!) 


  1. Some fabulous scrapbooking paper
  2. Hot glue gun & glue
  3. Edging Paper punch
  4. Circle Paper punch
  5. Scotch Advance Tape Glider
  6. Martha Stewart Scoring Board

I wanted to make this rosette on the larger side, so I cut the scrapbook paper into 3 pieces that were 5.5 x 12 inches.  This would make my rosette about 11 wide.

After cutting my paper, I took my edge punch and punched all along ONE LONG side of the paper.  This will give the rosette a nice snowflake edging all around.  *you can also skip this step if you want a simpler look…or less work 😉


Next, I laid my freshly punched paper onto my Martha Stewart Scoring Board length wise with the scalloped edging on the bottom.  Then using my scoring tool, I made a crease every inch on the board. Make sure not to press to hard or you will end up with holes in your rosette.  Depending on how “bunched” you want your rosette will depend on how close you make your creases.
*Oh, and the score board…AMAZING! I never knew I needed one of these magical tools until my husband surprised me with one for Christmas a couple years ago.  #TotalGameChanger

I then took the 3 scored pieces of paper and folded them Fan style.  After folding the paper, I used my Scotch Advanced Tape Glider to add a piece of sticky tape along the first and last folds of each piece so that I could add them all together to make one long fan strip. After adding one more strip of tape, I brought the front and back together to make it a circle.

*Oh, and the Tape Glider….yet another #TotalgameChanger that I can’t live without and gift from my wonderful husband! Who’s the real crafter in this family…..

Then push the center together as you flatten the edges…Confused? Me to.  This part has brought me to cursing now and again, as the paper fights you like an angry toddler with no nap.  But once you show it you mean business and get that center down, it’s all fun and craftiness again!
Next, use the circle punch to punch out a circle to help hold the rosette flat.  I’m very generous with my hot glue as I would like my rosettes to withstand a small hurricane.
After my large rosette is done, I set it aside and start making a smaller one to layer on top.  *again this is just what I did to make this one fancy! :) I made my 3 strips of paper 3.5 x 12 inches this time and repeated the above steps.
Once you have both your rosettes completed, simply glue them together at the center circle! I’ve added small paper doilies to some of my rosettes to add a little more well, fanciness!
To make super cute small rosettes like below, I simply used 1 strip of paper that was 1 x 12 inches and glued the ends together!

Happy Crafting!  

Miracle Diaper Rash Recipe

I knew having a girl would bring a lot of motherhood firsts my way, but I didn’t expect the WORST DIAPER RASH I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! Did she sit naked in a boiling fountain of LAVA?! Neither one of my boys ever had bad cases of diaper rash, just a little redness here and there that Desitin always took care of pretty quickly.

And then came Emerson and her lava parts. Poor baby girl couldn’t sit down, screamed when I changed her, and to my horror, the Desitin seemed to be making NO DIFFERENCE.

I jumped online (on Pinterest of course) and started reading what other moms did for stubborn horrible lava butt diaper rashes, when I stumbled across this little gem from Heather at Cookie Mondays!   (Thank you Heather for sharing!!)

photo 1
1 cup distilled water
2 teaspoons distilled white vinegar
1/8 teaspoon tea tree oil (a natural antibacterial)

Lucky for me, we had tons of Tea Tree oil since we also used it on Liam when he had MRSA….I’m definitely starting to love oils more and more.

I cut up an old soft burp clothe to use as wipes and at every diaper change, I simply used the medicine dropper to squirt the mixture over Emerson’s rash.

*Word of warning: the tea tree oil and vinegar did sting a little bit the first couple times, but a whole lot less than using regular wipes and Desitin!

After only 3 doses, her lava butt rash looked amazingly better! (I cannot stress how bad the rash was…we are talking blister status!)  The redness had gone down and she was even able to sit up, poor girl. (It has now been 2 days since using the mixture and her rash is almost completely gone!) This will forever be my go to rash medicine now!
photo 2



On a completely unrelated note, I finally found a tea pot! I know, I know…call the press. But seriously, it’s a big deal! I’ve been looking for like ever and had yet to find one that wasn’t big money or fit my taste. Then I stumbled across this treasure of a pot at Marshall’s for $9.00!! Yes, only $9! Winner winner chicken dinner!
Now, who wants to come over for some tea?!
photo 3

My Giant Cross Stitch Rose

I love to cross stitch. Am I good at it? Not particularly, but I find it strangely calming, probably just my OCD and my love for counting stitches.

I’ve had this Pin on my Crafty board for awhile for a big painted cross stitch rose from blogger Alison at and I love how it turned out! But I wanted to try it with yarn.  So I gathered my supplies, subbing yarn instead of paint and set to making my X’s following her same pattern, just tweaking it in certain places.

photo 2

Supplies: Yarn, Scotch tape, Large white peg board that I picked up at Home Depot

Quick tip: I wrapped the ends of my yarn with scotch tape like a needle making it easier to thread through the peg board.
photo 3
Liam even got in on the action! He loved making the X’s and feeding the yarn through to the back side, then waiting patiently for me to thread it back to him! Talk about a great small motor activity for kids!
photo 4
I worked at here and there and enjoyed it so much that I kept threatening to peg board cross stitch every room in my house…much to the horror amusement of Jerad.
photo 5
I really love how it turned out.  It’s colorful, crafty and totally funky! I was planning to hang it over my craft table, but I think I may actually hang it over our master bed!  Yes, I’m loving it that much.  Since it’s almost as big as my kitchen table, buying a frame could get pricey, so I’m still deciding whether to build a frame for it or just leave it be.

What do you think?

DIY Preschool Car Trip Activity

Tomorrow morning we head out on a trip to Ventura to see family; it’s a 5 hour car ride and one we are very familiar with! But like most car trips with toddlers, there can be those blessed stressful moments where even the all entertaining ipad won’t calm the savage beasts! So it’s nice to be prepared with a few new items and activites.

I found this lil’ DIY gem of course on Pinterest The great idea originally came from the blog Testy Yet Trying and she called it a Matching Pole!

Simply using any empty paper towel or toilet paper roll, dot stickers and markers, this game can help teach letters, numbers, and shapes (really anything you can fit on a dot sticker) while at the same time teaching matching skills and fine motor skills!  The idea is that the child matches the dot stickers from the page onto the corresponding dot sticker on the pole. I used Liam’s name letters, some shapes, numbers, directions and even a few facial expressions to mix it up!

Liam caught a glance of it while I was making it, and asked very excitedly what it was and if he could play with it! Score! I think it will be a big hit on the road and it only took me 5 minutes to make!

How to decorate your mantel…because I was lost

Usually I love decorating my mantel with each change of the season or holiday, but I was having a hard time motivating myself to do anything with the bare brick slab.  I could leave it empty and call it Modern, or maybe Simplistic?

So of course I immediately typed in “decorating your mantel” into Pinterest and of course it gave me hundreds of ideas and inspirations! Most of which were for Christmas, but there were a lot of other wonderful ones to.  Then I stumbled across this awe inspiring post that was the know-all for decorating your mantel for any season!  Perfect!  It was exactly what my tired and idealess brain needed…..

So I set about collecting items from around my home that resembled those in the picture.  I actually matched it up pretty well and I finally got to use the beautiful painting I’ve had hiding in my room!  The only purchase I had to make was for the two blue candles to the left, as I was currently out.

Now that my mantel is finally decorated, I can go back to sleeping at night and the world may continue spinning….

DIY Chalkboard Wall Frames

When we moved into our home, our galley kitchen lacked major storage room, so we bought an ugly basic white cupboard to use as our pantry.

**Please forgive my horrible photos….I’ve been lazy and taking photos with my phone

It was supposed to be temporary till we found something more attractive.  Well, 5 years later, it’s still in my kitchen, and slightly beat-up.  We know that when we do move from this home, it probably won’t make the move with us.  So, I thought I would play around with a new crafty project and spice up one of it’s plain sides that faced into the kitchen.

I pulled out my Cricut Frames Cartridge and set to work cutting out different styles of frames onto contact paper.  Then I arranged the cut outs onto the cupboard side and then traced around them lightly with pencil. After tracing the frames and then peeling off the contact paper, I chose my paints and set to work

What I wish I had realized before starting this project, was that this the stupid fake wood siding repels paint like no one’s business!  So frustrating, but I kept on painting hoping that an added layer of paint would even things out.  Even though the cupboard was fighting against my best of intentions to make it pretty, I did find the painting part pretty relaxing!  In the two larger frames I did chalkboard paint so we could all leave love notes for each other.

I had finally finished my masterpiece and was pretty happy how it turned out.  I didn’t paint the smoothest or straightest lines, but it definitely added color and flair to a once bare wall.

Then as I was making lunch, I hear Liam call out, “No brother! You no touch Mommy’s wall!”  I turn around to find Cohen sweetly smiling as he scratches my painted frame off the wall, with not a lot of effort might I add.  Like I said before, this cupboard doesn’t like paint.

And I mean it truly does not like paint! I went to write on the chalk board areas and the paint wrote right off! COME ON!!! Lame.  Jerad pointed out that I could start over and rough up the wood first so maybe the paint would stick….No thank you! I will gladly re-try this project again, but definitely not on this ridiculous piece of furniture!