Confessions of a Real Life Mommy

This “mommy thing” is hard work. I have a degree in Early Childhood Development, but as soon as my first born squeezed his way into this world, I forgot everything…seriously, everything. The slate was wiped clean and I felt like I was left wisdom-less to face the world of Mommy Battles on my own. And I’m not just talking about the battle between your screaming baby at 2am and your blood shot eyes that are threatening to close, or your toddler who decided to “help” by cleaning up his own poop, I’m talking about the battle between Mommies. It’s the “Oh, your child still gets up at night? MY child started sleeping through the night at (insert age)” or “You feed your child Mcdonald’s? My child only eats organic food straight from our own home grown garden.”

You know the conversations. Whether you knew it or not, you’ve been on both sides of the battle field, and I have been apart of more than I’d like to admit.

I’ve read a lot of blog posts, Facebook comments and heard many fellow moms talk recently about the desire, no, the DESPERATE NEED to connect and be real with other moms who are in the same boat as themselves. I strongly agree, in fact I’ve already blogged about it HERE but I felt like it needed repeating, if just for my own sake. It’s hard enough keeping our tired unwashed heads above water without feeling like we should be walking on it. That’s Christ’s job.

So, I thought I’d “keep it real” by posting some good old fashion mommy confessions…

1. I rarely, if ever give my children vitamins
2. Instead of gathering and drying everyone off, I’ve peed in a pool
3. My boys have had frozen chicken nuggets 3 meals in a row
4. There are days I don’t brush my teeth…Coffee & gum works wonders
5. While potting training, instead of washing the poo filled undies, I throw them out
6. I have left Target on more than one occasion and have no idea how much I spent.
7. I have continued scrolling Facebook even as my boys are beating the tar out of each other.
8. I’ve never made my own baby food
9. Goldfish crackers and chocolate granola bars make great dinners
10. I’ve spanked out of anger
11. I didn’t say anything as my child continually licked water off the park playground
12. I nap. A lot.
13. One vaginal birth was enough for me. I loved my C-section, and I haven’t heard any complaints from either child.
14. I’ve be very prideful when I win the “my baby weighed this much” battle
15. I’ve probably forgotten your birthday
16. While running errands I think bribery in the form of candy or Hotwheels is totally acceptable
17. I’ve passed gas and blamed it on my son
18. We watch a lot of TV
19. While cuddling with my boys, everything else can wait (even the forgotten boiling pot of pasta)
20. I have played the Mommy Battle game, both winning and loosing and I am truly sorry

Here’s to ending the battles and instead lending a helping hand, a fresh cup of strong coffee and a friendly compassionate and GENUINE smile to your fellow Mommy whose just trying to make sure her kids turn out “ok” too.


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    This my friend is one of the many reason I cherish you!

    1. ha… are they old enough for that? Yea, I def don’t do that.
    2. guilty.
    3. for Nixon it’s hotdogs.
    5. i have definitely thrown out quite a few pairs of undies!
    6. sometimes i just close my eyes while i pay.
    7. or the babies is crying…
    13. loved both my c sections!
    14. i laughed out loud a little! love those big boys!
    15. I can barely keep my family straight.
    16. has worked well for me.
    17. i’ve never successfully gotten away with it though… haha
    20. I too have been guilty of being in the mommy games more than I should have.

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    Preach on, Sister! I can totally relate to the vast majority of your list, and can add a big chunk of my own junk. Thanks for another reminder to lay it all out there and be honest with each other (and ourselves!) instead of comparing and judging. That’s the only way we’re going to realize that we’re not in the trenches alone. Beautiful messes, that’s what we are!

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