Mommy the Multitasker!

I will be one of the first to tell a fellow Mommy to ignore the pile of laundry or dirty toilets and snuggle up for a good movie with the kiddos, but there are also moments when I GOTTA GET STUFF DONE!

Last night was one of those moments.  After making a surprisingly yummy dinner with what was left of our dwindling food supply,  Cohen looked like this:

I won’t share a picture of my kitchen, cause it was just as bad but much less cute!
Both needed a good scrub!
Since liam’s recent staff infection, the boys have not been bathing together so Cohen has been enjoying his sudsy soaks in the kitchen sink, which was now full of dishes.
So what did I do? I mommy multitasked and cleaned up both at the same time! Neither my messy babe or dishes could have waited much longer or we would have had food caked baby chubs and dishes…both that would have probably resulted in a good scrapping.

Was this completely sanitary? Probably not, but I have a dish washer and a baby who loves to bang spatulas in the sink, so who cares.

I love these “mommy moments.” Those random and maybe even awkward moments that make you giggle and shake your head in wonder. These are the ones we will remember.  I may not remember why I was bathing Cohen in the sink, just that we had a blast washing baby chubs and dishes together and that he thought it pretty hilarious when he splashed me with his gross “rice n’ bean” water!

I’m sure you could think of a few moments like this….



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    Let’s be honest, not much of anything is sanitary when parenting little ones! Connor likes to pee in the bath before sitting down in it. I find it gross. He seems quite fond of it.

    • says

      Lol very true my friend! We’ve started having Liam use his little potty before getting in the tub and that has seemed to help decrease the amount of “yellow water”

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