Our Del Mar Vacation

Liam is officially a little beach explorer! He faithfully followed his crazy mother (me) as I pranced around the beach looking for treasures! Although the beaches we visited were not very seashell friendly, we did find a couple little ones and he loved all the “wropes” or sea weed ropes that lined the beach.

Cohen was such a trooper…being that he still isn’t mobile, and up until this past week, hasn’t been able to sit up, he was very cheerful laying on the beach blankets! being a chubby baby at the beach can be pretty rough with all the little crevices for sand to hide in, but he truly enjoyed squishing the sand in his hands and did manage to get a few handfuls to his mouth.

Mommy and Liam attempting to hunt down some sand crabs….Jerad told me that I looked very much like Michael Jackson in this picture.  Sweet, isn’t he.

When we first arrived on the beach Sunday afternoon, Liam wanted nothing to do with the sand or water.  By the end of the week, we couldn’t get him out! He loved crashing and jumping in the waves and it was such a special time playing with daddy! I even took Cohen in the water, and jumped over some pretty good sized waves…he got quite the kick out of it and even laughed with we both ended up with mouthfuls of water!

Being that our home for the week was right on the water, we had front row seats to some pretty amazing sunsets.  Liam and I particularly enjoyed this one together.

You know those moments, when you realize that your toddler is still your “baby?” This was one of those cherished moments.  We found Liam all curled up on the bed after a crazy fun day at the beach and our hearts were overcome with love for this sweet boy. He can be quite the stinker, but he’s still our baby.

This was a quick shot of the living room in our home for the week.  It was clean and spacious, and in the matter of an afternoon we filled it with:

 2 suitcases, 2 small duffel bags, and 1 diaper bag

1 double stoller

2 bikes and 1 double bike trailer

1 wagon

1 baby bouncer

1 Pack n’ Play bed

1 baby bumbo seat and 1 high chair

2 beach chairs and an ice chest

about 20 Liam “cool cars”

and probably a pound of sand.

we sure do know how to destroy a place!


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    Nothing can ever replace such special times together. They will always be remembered and cherished. I so glad you were able to do this. I hope you will have many more opportunities to do such fun things together again. I love all of you so very much.

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