The Pinterest-less Party

My sweet n’ spunky Cohen just turned two this past week (What?!) and we had a family party for him…and excuse my french but there was not one damn Pinterest pin to be seen.

I didn’t hand craft his invitations out of home spun paper (gasp!)

I didn’t have any educational, creative or elaborate games for the kids…we told them to go play (for shame!)

There was no homemade garlands, fancy color coordinated decorations or massive climbable play structures built. (and I call myself a pinterest lover?!)

We had pizza delivered and my husband bought a cake at the grocery store  that we stuck a #2 candle in.  (what no fondant?! horrible parents)

And you know what? We had an absolute blast. Imagine.

Before you label me as a horrible monster and hater of all little children’s birthday dreams, let me explain…I’m tired.  You’re probably tired. And spending months and hours and many sleepless nights on your child’s birthday party can be fun once in awhile (you all know I love to craft) but doing it three times a year is exhausting!

So I grabbed Cohen, headed down to the party store and asked him what kind of party he wanted.  He said “Thomas. I want Thomas.” We picked out some random Thomas the Train decorations and a bag of balloons and a box of train invites.  And you know what, he loved it! His little face lit up when he saw the giant plastic pin up of Thomas the train and I still hung streamers and balloons all over the front room…see, I’m not totally the party killer mommy you thought I was.

It was so nice not to stress out if the party was “Pinterest worthy” and you all know what i’m talking about.  I’ll be the first to tell you that I am obsessed with Pinterest and all that it entails and I love creating elaborate parties.  But sometimes it’s nice to pull out the old pack of faded streamers, buy the store bought sheet cake and simply enjoy the people you invited over to celebrate your sweet little boy!

birthdayBut seriously, I can’t believe my baby boy is TWO! Feb 13 came and all of the sudden he’s speaking in full sentences with words I didn’t know he knew, wanting to use the potty and all the sudden can do things on his own! Lucky for me, he still loves to pile all his blankies on my lap and then crawl on top to cuddle. When they say it goes by fast, it’s true.



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