Spur of the moment adventure

Last night at 12am, my hubby and I were scrolling our phones hoping sleep would come when he rolled over and said, “let’s go to Monterey tomorrow for the weekend!” Although it takes a lot more work with 3 kids, I’m always up for an adventure.
So as soon as everyone woke up, we threw some necessities in a bag and hit the road!
We spent a beautiful day exploring the beach (Emerson’s first time) and running from the miniature and yet still intimidating waves, then headed over to the Monterey Bay Aquarium to check out the boys favorite animal group, fish.

After burgers and a few arcade games we headed back to hotel for wine, apple juice and a seriously over priced movie (the things you pay for while entertaining toddlers in a hotel room) #totallyworthit
Now I’m writing this via my iPhone while trying not to move to much as Cohen is curled up against my back, feet digging into my left butt cheek, Emmy is peacefully asleep in the pack n’ play, Jerad is snoring in the next bed with Liam sucking his thumb making these horrible sucking sounds that tell me he’s out cold.
Life is good. I am blessed. Seeing the joy, awe and amazement on my kids faces today and the love and contentment on my husband’s reminded me of that.
Amongst the chaos of this spur of the moment adventure I was able to focus on the little things (that really aren’t that little) that make my life wonderful.
Thank you Jesus for the blessings of this day.

And just incase they all decide to wake up and none of us sleep the rest of the night, room service is bringing me my very own POT of strongly caffeinated coffee.



  1. dad says

    You are blessed. And, as your dad, and the only one who truly understands your adventurous nature, I am also very blessed. Enjoy your pot of coffee.

    • Mallory says

      I think some of the best memories are made from spur of the moment adventures…definitely some of the funniest!

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