5 Minute Closet Fix-up for $5!

As I move through my home nesting, I noticed my coat/jacket/gift wrap closet was a mess; coats were shoved onto the small rack, batteries falling out of their plastic grocery bag were strewn across the floor, and my gift wrapping chaos was piled onto the shelf where at any moment an avalanche of paper and bows could plummet to the floor! I never messed with it before because I never needed the extra space, but now with Baby Bundle #2 fast approaching, our home is starting to bust at the seams and ever square inch of space is precious!

Knowing this was the smallest closet in the house, and that there really wasn’t to much that went in there, I challenged myself to fix it in 5 minutes (plus, that was probably all the time I had before my toddler got into something he shouldn’t!).

This is how it went:

1. collected all batteries and placed in a labeled container
2. stacked gift bags and tissue paper, throwing away old and crumbled ones, keeping only my favorites
3. placed Misc. wrapping accessories and tape in a labeled container
4. collected all wrapping paper rolls and placed in trash can on closet floor
5. cleaned up and organized coats

Ta-Da! As I stood back and admired the newly organized closet (and the extra shelf space!) I realized that I did it under 5 minutes and for under $5! Nice! The wrapping paper roll trash can I got from the Target $1 section and the two small containers I got at Ikea for super cheap to!

Now it’s your turn! Find a area in your home and challenge yourself! And then please, oh please share it with me, so maybe I can be inspired to start on other areas of my home! 🙂

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