A New “Forever Wreath”

A of couple years ago, I bought this berry wreath on clearance I believe at Target. My front door needed a little flair and I had not yet stumbled across all the beautifully crafted wreaths on Pinterest. So, there it hung…and hung…and hung, until a couple days ago a large branch fell off it as we were playing with some of the neighborhood kids out front. Much to my amusement, one of the young girls said to me, “Well, it has been up there for A LONG time.” Ok, point taken. I needed a new wreath.
As it is my final month of pregnancy with little Hill blessing number 3, I’ve been feeling crafty and “nesty.” So I scrolled Pinterest, looking for inspiration and headed down to the craft store determined to make a new one.
Mind you, I haven’t quite reached the time in my life where seasonal decorating takes priority, (crazy how having small kids can do that to you) so I was looking to make another “forever wreath” to grace my front door for the next couple years, or at least until it started to fall apart. 🙂

After gathering all my supplies, the boys mercifully napping quietly in their rooms, I got crafty. Here is the finished product!!!



I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and I used enough hot glue that it should last me awhile!

On a completely random side note, I know I haven’t been posting much lately.  This pregnancy is kicking my butt!! By the time I’m done entertaining the littles and keeping up on the house, I usually end up sleeping right along with the boys or zoning out in front of the tv with the hubby.  But I promise that I will try to post a little bit more, and as soon as baby #3 pops out on NOVEMBER 8th, I’m sure I will have TONS of new pictures and stories to share!!!

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