A Non-Pinterest inspired activity  

Summertime. Truly bittersweet to those of us who are parents. 

On the one hand, absolute freedom from the slavery of schedules and locked down bedtimes and every minute of every day having to be somewhere. 

On the other hand….absolute. Anarchy. Those sweets babes that you had to drag out of bed by their toes on school days now wake with the sun. All their toys they begged you to postpone homework for, now bore them to tears. And the civility between the siblings last the first 30seconds after your coffee cup runs dry. 

Now as we all well know Pinterest is full of wonderful, fun filled, entertaining and don’t forget educational activities for both our kids and ourselves for surviving summer But can I just be real? I don’t always have time for that! I love all those activities and games and craftiness! I have even done most of them (some of which were huge fails) but sometimes I want to just tell my kids to go play!!! Let me sit here on the toilet alone for 2 minutes! 

Being bored is good for them! They need to use that wonderful God given imagination! And I don’t want to buy another 20 items to create the “perfect summer” activity kit. 

But then I stumbled across these $1 headlights at Walmart. Weird thing to buy I know, but it’s technically not a toy, it already had batteries and we can totally use them for camping. Justified

Today was one of those days were my kids were bored and whiny and driving even themselves a little crazy so I handed them each a headlight, and it was like I had placed in their hands a map to endless pirate booty! (Popcorn and gold) Instantly their little worlds were transformed into a big adventure! Those toys they couldn’t stand to look at were now a vital part in their expedition and the sibling they mauled 2 minutes earlier were now their trusty partner in crime. 

All because of a $1 Walmart headlight. I’m seriously going back for 10 more backups! 

So this is my non Pinterest inspired summer activity. Go get some and enjoy the imaginative madness that enfolds! 

Lord, have mercy on us tired moms. Give us grace to make it until bedtime. And joy filled thankful hearts to enjoy these fleeting moments with our kids!

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