All About That Birchbox!

A couple weeks ago, I posted a picture of my just-received Birchbox, to which a lot of you wanted to know what was inside that fabulous box! Well, I’m here today with my newest received box of magic and ready to share all it’s secrets!



This totes adorbs (blah, can’t believe I just typed that) box contains perfectly sized samples of different beauty items and cosmetics based off of my personal beauty profile! Beauty and the box.

And let’s be honest here fellow Mamas, creating the perfect smokey eye or knowing the perfect facial toner for my skin type isn’t always hot on my radar…there are days I’m lucky if my teeth get brushed and my shoes match.

This is where the Birchbox comes in handy! Now, I can’t take full credit for finding this…my dear sweet husband thought it would be a fun surprise for me, created my profile and signed me up for a years subscription.

 (I’m trying to ignore the fact that he selected dark circles/puffy eyes as a problem area) 🙂

Love you, babe.

Back to the box of goodness

So each month I receive a new themed box full of different types of products to try and play with. Not everything I’m a fan of (like the NEON PINK smudge proof lipstick that was exactly that…no matter how hard I scrubbed) but there have been some amazing hair products, lotions, and perfumes!  If there is something that I absolutely love, I can skip on over to their shop and buy the full size!  Here is this months item description list!


I’m excited to try the Shea Terra Organic Rose Hip facial cleanser and I gave the lipstick a spin around the kitchen while doing dishes and I definitely felt fancy!

Birchbox has a whole website full of tips, tricks, a shopping page and other wonderful things to read when you’re tired of school papers, dirty diapers, meal planning or just want to remember what it feels like to only have to worry if your cuticles are creamy or your face is correctly toned and your lipstick matches your nail polish (is that a thing).  They also have points you can earn so you can shop the products and a refer a friend system so you can get free stuff!

(cough cough, ahem…just saying)

Click this link 🙂 


I wish I was more of a beautician minded woman who would take the time to try each product and review it, but that’s not me. I’m just in it for the fun, hopefully less eye puffiness 🙂 and the chance to play with make-up again!

(but I do know a couple girlfriends who would be fabulous at it though…..ALICIA!)

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