All “Mommy-brained” Today

I think it started sometime during Cohen’s 4am feeding, as I was very confused on which room to feed him in…so while holding my apparently famished vampire baby who had latched onto my neck, I did a few stumbling circles around the hallway and remembered finally I had a very cozy rocking chair in his room. Strange.
Then today was all a blur. I got us up and out the door to MOPS, ON TIME, and after enjoyed lunch with a dear friend and her kids. But if it wasn’t for my awesome double Joovy stroller, which became homebase of sorts, and my friend Brittany, I’m pretty sure I would have forgotten a kid somewhere.
Ever have those days? All day I have felt completely awkward, incompetent, and as if I was in one of those dreams where you can never quite open your eyes all the way!

Coffee didn’t help, and even after a short nap, I still feel out of it! Hopefully tomorrow will be a much clearer day! At least Liam had a great time playing with his buds!

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