An Outside Sanctuary of My Own….

Sitting out in my parents beautiful yard, enjoying the sun and fresh flowers made me realize that I have no place outside where I feel drawn to. Living at the rental where we do greatly limits us to any beautification projects that need to take place. Thus I tend to give my backyard the cold shoulder. I weed the rock quarry and my husband mows the grass to keep the landlords happy. Then I decided why can’t I have a wonderful outdoor sanctuary!? So I started my little project on a budget…
I cleaned all of our outdoor furniture, took a brutal broom to all the spiders and webs, and filled my pots with some fresh fona and flora from Target! Since pillows cost an arm and a leg I decided to use a bunch of fabric pieces I had laying around from old projects! The colors turned out great! And my mother-in-law was nice enough to help me sew up the larger ones I didn’t do by hand! After hanging some twinkle lights and sweeping up the last of my potting soil, my outdoor sanctuary was finally finished! Can’t wait to have a hot cup of tea and work on my Bible study out on my new and greatly improved patio!

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  1. Looks great! You did so good adding to it! I love it! It’s very HGTV of you!!
    Our yard is huge it is so over whelming! I hate it! We did bite the bullet and we started planting in the planters out front. But when you rent it’s just hard to put so much into a place that isn’t completely yours. I never know how my landlords will take it. They are so picky! But your yard is lovely! Great job you little “nester” you!! ; O )

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