Canning 10 Pounds of Jerad’s favorite Peppers…

Ever since I was young, my grandmother would show up with these jars of pickled hot peppers.  Just enough spice to enjoy with just about everything!  After I married Jerad, the peppers kept coming, but only this time, they would only last maybe a week!  My hubby was devouring whole jars in a sitting!  He was addicted!  So my grandmother ordered 10 pounds from the local farmers market in Sonora, under the condition that I would come up and learn how to can them!  It was so simple!  We simply placed a teaspoon of canning salt, and four cloves of garlic at the bottom of each jar.  Then manhandling the peppers, with the help of Jerad and my grandpa, we shoved 10 pounds into 24 jars!  After filling the jars with vinegar and sealing them tight, we were finished!
IMG_9624 IMG_9622IMG_9629

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  1. We think it is really wonderful that you are doing this again. You have such talent in writing, and the pictures are really good, too.
    By the way, “tablespoon” is just one word. 😉

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