Civil Engineer Road Tape for the boys

While shopping for the boys this past Christmas I came across this Civil Engineer Road tape on Amazon and thought it was a perfect stocking stuffer! My boys LOVE their cars (we have 185 Hotwheels alone) and driving them around very surface of our home is one of their favorite past times.  So when I saw this actual ROAD tape, I knew they’d love it….and Mama was right!


We gathered a few favorite cars, decided the best area for road laying, which was our entry way and set to work! I cut the tape and they told me where to lay it…although I did have a few suggestions of my own!

photo 2
photo 4
Seriously, this tape is awesome! We’ve used blue Painters Tape before to make roads throughout the house,  but that peels up pretty easy (much easier to when your younger brother goes and picks at it).  The Engineer tape goes on smooth and doesn’t peel up at all! But don’t freak out, when you actually want it to come off your floor, it comes up super quick and doesn’t leave any sticky residue! Apparently you can use it on carpet as well, though we haven’t tried it yet.

photo 3

photo 5
Even though it was quite a big roll of tape, we are already running out from creating awesome roads ALL OVER my floors,  which I think will become a new part of our homes decor (#motherofboys), so I will for sure be purchasing some more, and if you have any vehicle lovers in your home, I suggest you should to! Definitely an awesome mom moment! 🙂 Not to mention it makes for a peaceful dinner prep activity!


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