Cleaning My Dyson…Prepare yourself

Yes, you read right…prepare yourself. These next pictures are gross. Every couple of months, I have my hubby use his air compressor and blow out all the junk from my much used and much loved Dyson Vacuum. Since he’s been super busy with work this month (total blessing) I decided to tackle it myself.

I completely took it apart…and OH MY GOSH, it was nasty! There was enough hair (totally my hair) to make a wig and the amount of dust in the filter that apparently we have never cleaned, turned my sink brown. Needless to say, cleaning my sink was next.

On my Cleaning & Organizing Pinterest Board, I found this great tutorial from Ask Anna on how to clean my Dyson…so I set to work.

If you haven’t cleaned out your vacuum lately, I HIGHLY recommend it because vacuuming with a sparkling clean machine is AMAZING!!! My carpets have never been so cleanly vacuumed! The only downside to this was that the suction was so good that it seemed to suck the foundation out from my house and filled up the freshly cleaned canister. Dang.

Now onto cleaner pastures…:)

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  1. Ian and I were given a dyson that was broken. All we had to do was clean out the filter and it was fixed. Score! So I am guessing there are a lot of people out there that don’t know to clean the filter.

    1. Post

      score! Nice save Grimbleby! I wish we had been given our Dyson…lol took up a lot of our GC money! Yeah, who knew just cleaning the filter made it a whole new vacuum! Honestly though, even if we didn’t have the GC, I would have totally spent the money on one. completely worth it!

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