Counting My Blessings Instead of My Messes


Today as I glance around my house, taking in the multiple “mini” messes that have created one gigantic disaster, the piles and mountains of things that need to be washed (including my children) and catch a glimpse of my less than chic appearance in the hallway mirror, I have decided to shrug my tired shoulders and count my blessings instead of the messes…..and there are a lot of both.

There is more food on the floor than in my refrigerator, but we are not hungry.

My children need a bath but they are happy and loved.

The mountains of laundry and dishes threaten to overtake the house, but I have 3 wonderful machines that provide me help and a much needed 30 minute break.

Toys scatter EVERY surface, but my children have a safe and loving home where they can play freely.

Leftover paint from yesterdays art project covers part of the kitchen floor and wall, but it’s washable and we created a memory.

30 minutes ago I had 3 very grumpy children on the verge of a major meltdown, but now Thank You Jesus, they are resting peacefully.

So yes, my house is chaos, I have no idea what I’m making for dinner, and the toys I just managed to put away will be pulled back out in another hour or so, but I AM BLESSED.

And guess what…SO ARE YOU!!! ¬†Count your blessings, give thanks to God and go make another mess….Cause like I’ve always said, “the best memories¬†usually come from the biggest messes!”

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