Dirt, Rocks and Cars

Sometimes you just have to get your hands dirty, and having two boys, this happens a lot over here!  The other day was so gorgeous and warm (in Feb?!) we decided to play outside and dig in the dirt.  Since most of our yard is rock and grass, there isn’t much digging room, but we did manage to make some room in a small abandoned flower bed I haven’t had the desire to plant in as of late.

We dug out some roads for our Hotwheel’s and trucks and lined them with the rocks Liam had carefully selected from around the yard.  I even added a little moss for a mini garden, and Liam found a nice round rock that he said was a pond for my garden.  Sweet and creative boy.

Cohen got to taste dirt for the first time (all apart of childhood) and then I showed him how to bang rocks together….it’s the little things in life!

Ever since I was little, I have loved creating miniature worlds in my surroundings.  Whether it was houses for my barbies, or elaborate villages in the backyard made of rocks and twigs, I was always a happy girl creating small make believe worlds.  Pretty sure I was driving the boys crazy with my strong desire to pay attention to detail…Liam really didn’t care if the rocks lining the road matched or if there were tiny flowers scattered through the “garden.”    I think Mommy needs a Fairy Garden all her own!  Here are few I have seen online….makes me want to create miniature worlds everywhere!

Jasey’s Crazy Daisy

For the Love of Gardening

Go Explore Nature

And in case you’d like to make your own lil Fairy Garden, Here is a great tutorial!

Mom’s Crafty Space

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