Felt Flower Wreath Tutorial

I always see these fabulous handmade wreaths and have wanted to make one for so long! So I headed down to the craft store and gathered my supplies.

1. Foam wreath
2. Twine
3. Felt
4. Random sparkly things

I started the wreath off with a lil’ hot glue and began wrapping the twine TIGHTLY around.

Make sure to push the twine together so as not to leave any gaps like I did here! I had to add a lil’ twine filler after I realized the gaps.

After my wreath was wrapped, and my toddler was tangling himself in twine, I started making my flowers. I just took patterns that I liked from online.

Then I battled on the placement of the flowers….lol actually it took me two days of rearranging the flowers till I finally found the look I liked!

Then I wrapped a pearl garland around the wreath and my favorite part, adding the sparkles!

And drum roll please…..

Yeah, I’m pretty much in love with it…and it will probably take me a week to decide where to put it, cause the front door just doesn’t seem worthy 😉

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