“I found this cute thing, but I have no use for it.”

I here this comment a lot: “I found this super cute thing at the thrift store, but I have no use for it.”

I’m really good at justifying buying that cute something at the thrift and finding a use for it later.  Not saying that this is a good character trait, but it works to my benefit most of the time 😉

A couple days ago I found this set of gorgeous white and gold patterned Japanese bowls! These five fine china dishes caught my eye and I needed wanted them. Didn’t matter if I had no idea what I was going to do with them yet, but leaving them on the dusty shelf, abandoned and unappreciated just wasn’t going to happen.

So, I brought them home, cleaned them up and immediately started thinking about how I could practically use these beautiful bits of history.  Of course, simply sitting on my hutch reflecting sunlight would have been a totally appropriate use of these beauties, but I am trying really hard to actually start putting my vintage to good use!

After throwing them out onto a tray, I started to fill them with things I found within reach of my desk.  It didn’t take long before each of them were filled with some sort of item, and BAM I had use for every one! Here’s what I used:


I share this to help you see how easy it really is to use those vintage pieces you love so much but are currently collecting dust on your shelf.  Within minutes, I had given each bowl a purpose and place throughout my home that would add funtionality, sparkle and character…not to mention make holding stray Bobby pins feel much more glamorous!

Will I keep these gorgeous bowls you ask? Maybe, but isn’t that the fun of thrifting and treasure hunting! Being able to switch out items in your home with out a huge headache or break in your piggy bank!

For more ideas on how to start using those vintage pieces you have, check out the Pinterest page I started! Also post photos on Istagram and tag @SimplyMalVintage to share with us how you are putting those pieces to good use….or simply justifying keeping those ones you love!

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