Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids On A Rainy Day!

Like most of you fellow blog readers out there, I have become addicted to Pinterest. While most of my boards are filled with fanciful, glittery or just plain awesome girly-ness, I have recently started collecting Pins filled with ideas for activities to do with my toddler. Some days there are just not enough places to go and not enough ways to build with blocks, and I feel really guilty if Liam spends to much time being entertained by The Backyardigans or Pink Panther on TV. Especially with the chilly weather quickly creeping up on us and the days getting shorter, this mama is ready for some good ideas. So here are a few that I can’t wait to do with my lil’ man and I hope they inspire you as well! Please click on the pictures/links to see even more great ideas from fellow bloggers and moms!

Just in time for the winter season, SNOW PAINT! When it dries, it’s this soft spongy art project!

Let your kid loose in the bathtub with some water color paints! Great way to let them be artistic and clean at the same time!
25 Things To Do With A Wiggly Toddler

Bubble Blowing Paint Pictures!

Create your own drive-in movie night! Plus they get to create their own little cars!

Painting with Marbles!

Simple and yet so fun! I know Liam would be at this for quite awhile!

This just looks like so much fun! Another fun bathtub activity (which my wonderful mother did with us) was to fill muffin pans with shaving cream and food coloring and let them turn your plain tub into a wonderful foamy masterpiece!

I hope these ideas help to kick start your winter with your children! Please, please please share some of your own! I’m always looking for fun activities!

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