I see you Mamas

The new school year has begun and with that comes the early morning drop offs, and if your like my family, right between lunch and nap time pick-ups.  With these times of day I am surrounded by mothers and fathers all getting back into the swing of things…it’s definitely been harder on us than I thought.  But I am determined to try and make the most out of these few minutes each day with the fellow parents I run into….cause we are in similar boats.   And yet, we all have such different stories, background and places to go.

And sometimes just getting to the school parking lot can be a victory in itself.  And I have showed up to school sporting all sorts of attire, bed head and screaming children.  I know what it is liked to judge and be judged.  It sucks. Both ways, and I deeply apologize for those moments where I didn’t have compassion or grace.  When we are struggling  to keep our heads above water, the last thing we need is for someone to look down on us, question our parenting, wonder why our children’s clothes don’t match or scowl at our screaming toddler who just didn’t want to get out of bed…I feel ya, kid.

So I’m not going to judge.  I’m going to see you.  I’m going to embrace you….yes, this means a couple of you may be receiving literal super awkward spur of the moment hugs from me.  You’re welcome.

I see you Mom, in your super cute yoga pants with matching top and shoes.  Regardless if you are actually on your way to work out or just didn’t want to get dressed, you inspire me to be more active.

I high five you!

I see you Dad, in suit and tie, late for work but taking those extra minutes to help your crying child walk bravely into their class.

Thumbs up to you!

I see you Mom, with bags of sleepiness under your eyes, juggling baby, extra large coffee cup and two kids while rushing to make it before the bell rings.

I feel you, I know you and I will probably embrace you on the way out.  We can both cry on each others shoulders over coffee.

I see you Mom, dressed to the nines, looking fresh from the shower with your hair curled and stiletto heels.  You look fabulous! Who knows if you have a job you’re on your way to or you just enjoy taking the extra time to look nice!

I salute you! oh, and teach me your ways.

No one ever told me that being a parent would be easy or glamorous, and sometimes it’s just plain hard.  So this school year instead of judging or criticizing or even coveting, let’s be encouraging, helpful and supportive.

Go you! You got this! and if there is a morning where you don’t, that’s ok to!


And of course, this video.  It’s awesome.  And I may have just cried over it.  again. remember, don’t judge 🙂


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