I’m an organizing machine!

Once again, I’m organizing my home. A de-cluttering and cleaning whirlwind I will be! I have put together a list of things I want to organize, but I’m not going to attempt it all in one day….Nope, it will be nap time by nap time. My only deadline will before our garage sale! (July 28th, just in case you were wondering)
Here is my list:

I just did most of these 6 months ago, but I didn’t get rid of as much as I should have, and then there is the whole “we now have two kids” thing that seems to quadruple the amount of stuff you have.
What brought this whole thing on, besides the fact that it is beginning to feel like we live in a clown car, is that we have finally reached that point in our journey where we can qualify for a home of our own! Soooooo very exciting! Being self employed and such has not made it easy for us in the home buying department, so we have been saving and waiting patiently for God to open the door. But we are not going to rush into just any house. Like Jerad said, “We are not in the market for a house, we are in the market for THE house!” He’s right, he always is! Every time we have waited and trusted on God’s timing, we have been so blessed. So we will wait…wait for the perfect house God has set up for us. But more on that later…

Now the idea of having to pack up all of our stuff was all the sudden very daunting. We, or I, yes me, have accumulated a lot of stuff since we got married. It’s not all bad stuff…most of it is pretty fabulous. There is just a lot, and packing it up in boxes to be moved into another closet or box, to collect more dust just seemed silly. So I am going to be brutal, I hope.

This list will help me stay on task and make sure I hit all the trouble spots, not leaving anything behind to find later. Though, the one about organizing my Pinterest boards just makes me laugh….REALLY?! I though Pinterest was supposed to be a organizational tool in the first place, and now I’m wanting to organize it. I crack myself up, I may also have a problem.

But while I’m organizing my boards, I will also be using some of the great finds and tutorials to help better clean out my house!

So stay tuned!

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  1. Remember what William Morris said….”Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Your mom adds….or has extreme sentimental value! Like a very ugly vase….from great,great grandma!

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  2. I am all about cleaning my house lately. I am tired of holding on to random junk we don’t really need. I am getting ready to brutally go through my kitchen. We registered for and got way more stuff than we ever needed when we got married. Three sets of mixing bowls? Yep! Five measuring cups? Yep. And the list goes on…

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      I know the feeling! lol like those muffin tins you finally used! we have a lot of really random kitchen gadgets that we never use….they just looked to nifty in the store, how could we have passed them up!

  3. That has been my recent obsession too. Still have to tackle the baby’s closet but this inspired me to make my own list of household tasks that seem to get pushed aside. Clean/freshen the garbage disposal, clean dishwasher, clean washing machine, vacuum dryer vents. The list goes on. Take it on one at a time. 🙂 Love your blog btw!

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      You go girl! My hubby laughs at my hand written lists, but I love them….and the feeling of dramatically crossing them off! Sounds like you have some good things todo. may need to add those to my list! And thank you for the blog love! It’s always nice to have someone other than your mom reading your blog 😉

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