Make me a mobile…

After finding a drab corner in the baby’s room and reading my Google Blog Reader, I decided to try my hand at making a mobile.
This is the site where I got the idea… <a href="“>The Stir

It took a trip down to Michael’s Craft Store, and collected my supplies.
*wood shapes
*bead Jewelry string
*brass hoop

After laying out the wood pieces in a pattern I liked, I painted each side. While the wood was drying, I wrapped the brass ring with ribbon, hot gluing every few wraps (the brass ring by itself was just not working).
After each piece was dry, I placed them on a thick magazine and with a hammer and small nail punched a small hole in the center of each. I then strung the jewelry string through each hole, tying a knot before each so that it would not slip. Then tying each to the ring, the mobile was finished!

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