MB MakeOver: A couple things I have…..

I have two of this great frame from Ikea that are currently not being used….maybe on either side of the bed. Picture? fabric?

I also have 6 of these whirly hanging candle balls from CB2 which I thought might look really nice clustered either in the corner of the room or even above the bed!

I think I will be heading to my favorite fabric store to load up on some material for floor length drapes to help cozy up this glass door….got to break up all this white plastic! Don’t know yet exactly what I want the fabric to look like, but I’ll know it when I see it!

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  1. Mal, you should do your’s and Jerad’s inital in moss (or let me) and then hang them on each side of you bed 🙂

  2. Post

    Oooh, I was thinking about doing our initials in moss and putting them inside the frames! I will let you know if I need your help….moss can frustrate me! Thanks for the idea Mama Mel!

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