Miracle Diaper Rash Recipe

I knew having a girl would bring a lot of motherhood firsts my way, but I didn’t expect the WORST DIAPER RASH I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! Did she sit naked in a boiling fountain of LAVA?! Neither one of my boys ever had bad cases of diaper rash, just a little redness here and there that Desitin always took care of pretty quickly.

And then came Emerson and her lava parts. Poor baby girl couldn’t sit down, screamed when I changed her, and to my horror, the Desitin seemed to be making NO DIFFERENCE.

I jumped online (on Pinterest of course) and started reading what other moms did for stubborn horrible lava butt diaper rashes, when I stumbled across this little gem from Heather at Cookie Mondays!   (Thank you Heather for sharing!!)

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1 cup distilled water
2 teaspoons distilled white vinegar
1/8 teaspoon tea tree oil (a natural antibacterial)

Lucky for me, we had tons of Tea Tree oil since we also used it on Liam when he had MRSA….I’m definitely starting to love oils more and more.

I cut up an old soft burp clothe to use as wipes and at every diaper change, I simply used the medicine dropper to squirt the mixture over Emerson’s rash.

*Word of warning: the tea tree oil and vinegar did sting a little bit the first couple times, but a whole lot less than using regular wipes and Desitin!

After only 3 doses, her lava butt rash looked amazingly better! (I cannot stress how bad the rash was…we are talking blister status!)  The redness had gone down and she was even able to sit up, poor girl. (It has now been 2 days since using the mixture and her rash is almost completely gone!) This will forever be my go to rash medicine now!
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On a completely unrelated note, I finally found a tea pot! I know, I know…call the press. But seriously, it’s a big deal! I’ve been looking for like ever and had yet to find one that wasn’t big money or fit my taste. Then I stumbled across this treasure of a pot at Marshall’s for $9.00!! Yes, only $9! Winner winner chicken dinner!
Now, who wants to come over for some tea?!
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  1. I want to come over for some tea and visit with you and your mom, what a fun feeling to find something you have wanted and for a great price…. Great post, thank you for sharing 🙂

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