Moon Sand and Baby Sensory Bag

I am an aesthetics girl.  I’m that woman you see at the toddler sensory table still playing after her son has ran off to some other activity.  When I walk past the bins of dry rice and beans at the grocery store, it’s all I can do to prevent myself from running my fingers through them!

So I found this easy to make recipe for Moon Sand!

Mix 8 cups flour with one cup baby oil.  Mix and knead till all the clumps are gone.

I placed our moon sand in a large Dollar Store tupperware container to help contain what I thought was going to be an awesome mess.

After throwing in a few cars, plastic animals and some cups and spoons, I presented the box of amazingness to Liam.  Did not get the reaction I thought we would.  I expected him to jump right in and enjoy feeling the super soft and moldable Moon Sand fall through his fingers.  Instead he started rapidly “rescuing” his toys from the box of “Eeew.”  Seriously?! Even after enthusiastically showing him how to make sand castles and roads for his cars, Liam was not impressed with the Moon Sand.

Sad day for Mommy.  Apparently, unless the object at hand is cozy and fluffy like a blanket, Liam did not inherit all my love for aesthetics; but that doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying!

Now, I don’t want you to think poor Cohen never gets to do any fun activities.  He was napping for this one

Since most of the activities we do are not really “baby eating” friendly, (Cohen is very much in that “everything goes in the mouth” stage)  I found one just for him.

Plain Vanilla Mom made a duct tape sealed sensory bag and I thought it’s a great idea! (Click on Her link for instructions)

I found everything at the Dollar Store except for the Ziplock Freezer Bag and duct tape which I already had.

After making the bag, I handed it over to Cohen and let him explore! He wasn’t quite sure what to think about it, but after a few cautious pokes and smacks, he took notice of all the colorful objects inside.

Since it was pretty heavy, he didn’t try and put it in his mouth with was nice considering his new bottom razor sharp baby teeth had just came in and would have poked holes in it, and who wants to eat gel?!  After awhile he started to loose interest, but that was just in time for Uncle Andy’s turn.

Who do you think had more fun?

Word of caution:  I grabbed the first bottles of hair gel I saw at the Dollar Store, not realizing they were scented, and when I say scented, IT WAS SCENTED! A horrible nauseating smell!  Honestly, after a couple of days, I couldn’t take it anymore and ended up throwing the bag away.  So when making one of your own, make sure to buy Scentless hair gel, or at least one you like!

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