My love for Antique Glassware

I’m not really sure why it is, but I am drawn to antique glassware. Do I have a fantastic bar at which I serve fantastic drinks? Nope. Do I have fancy pants parties or even a nice hutch for which to display them? Nope. But nothing is more fun than drinking my coffee out of a beautiful shimmering orange mug or wine out of a glamorous ruby goblet.
Besides making my everyday life just a little bit more fantastic, I love my random collection of glassware because each one has a story…do I know those stories? Some I do.  The pieces passed down to me from family come with glimpses into their past and that makes them priceless.  The ones that I find along my antique shop wanderings, I don’t know anything about, some not even their name, but I am creating new stories for them.
I know that some of them have quite a bit of monetary value, and that they are quite the collectors item, but I’m not a professional at knowing about each piece, or a professional collector even.  I know some of the basics, but I’m not into collecting them as intensely as others may be; it is simply for the pure joy they bring to my day.
Some have asked if I would ever sell them. Unless I collect an overabundance of glassware and there simply is no room left in my home, probably not.  Who knows when you may need a fabulous set of glasses, and some of these are pretty fabulous.

Here are a few of my favorites…


This dish is part of my great grandmother’s pressed Vaseline Berry set…love them! 

I found this beauty and it’s mate at an antique store in Oakdale….coffee never tasted to good

This King’s Crown water goblet is also part of a set along with matching wine goblets from my grandmother. 

I have used these at a Christmas Bible study party and it added a little glam to the night!

These gorgeous gold striped champagne glasses are from my great grandmother, and I have actually served champagne in them!

This antique vase, a gift from my mother, combines two of my favorites: Milk glass and Hobnail.


I found this set of 6 drink glasses with matching shot glasses at a local antique store because they reminded me so much of the glasses that Don Draper uses in our favorite show Mad Men. 

One day I would love to have a beautiful hutch with which to display my random collection of glassware, but for now it is safely scattered around my house.  Every time I come home with a new drinking treasure, the hubby usually rolls his eyes, but hey, at least it’s glassware and not cats!

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  1. Those champagne glasses are amazing! And even cooler that they are one of your “family” pieces. I actually thought of you yesterday. We went to the Alameda Antique Fair and I saw all sorts of milk glass.

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  2. Love it! What awesome pieces! I have a ridiculous coffee mug collection that just keeps growing, so I can completely understand where you’re coming from. 🙂 Make Jerad get you a Pinterest project hutch for Christmas!

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      Lol I love it! A girl can never have to many coffee cups, or coffee for that matter! And I love the idea of a Pinterest Project hutch! 🙂 Maybe you can help me pass on some hints 😉

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