My Rescued Art Collection

I’ve never been an artist.  Sure I can dabble with paints and different mediums, but when it comes to painting something recognizable, it can be a bit of a challenge. But this isn’t to say that I don’t like or appreciate art, because I totally do!

I was raised to recognize the classics, to understand who painted this or that and even a little bit of the artists back story…my mom is quite the art history buff!

So yes, I love art but I’m not about to fill my walls with my own, especially when my kids art is way cuter.

But as of late, I’ve taken my treasure hunting for vintage/antique lovelies to a whole new level since starting my Instagram shop (@SimplyMalVintage) and I’ve started finding these amazing acrylic paintings hidden away in stacks of horrible bulky frames.

So I started rescuing them. Yes, I’m a painting rescuer. It’s a thing, even though my husband just gives me this strange look when I tell him I’ve rescued another painting.

Now it’s not just any old painting that I bring home and pry out of it’s horribly distracting frame; the painting itself has to bring me joy. I have to love it, the colors, the brush strokes and the story I think it tells.
That being said, here is a quick picture of some of my recently rescued beauties:

I love the smaller cityscapes and the textures in the paint. There are two others that I just found at a rummage sale last week but I have yet to retrieve them out of their dated frames. 

There is something beautifully simply about just having a canvas on the wall without the distraction of a frame. I have plans to create a gallery wall with the paintings I find, I just haven’t figured out exactly how I want to place them. I will definitely post pictures when I get these displayed! 

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      Thank you Diane! I know what I love, so it makes sifting through the other treasures easy!

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