I said Yes…

While the littles napped, Liam came to me and sweetly asked if we could share a “cup of warm, not hot, cocoa.”  My first thought was of the mess, the effort and the extra sugar that that would involve, but then I looked into my oldest’s sweet face and realized that my son wanted to spend a moment with me, and that moment involved chocolate.  So, I said YES.  Yes to the sticky mess on the counter after letting him make the cocoa himself.  YES to the extra handful of marshmallows for each of us that never even made it into the glass.  YES to the 5 minutes I got to share with my son one-on-one.  These moments are fleeting and we are making memories…So I say screw the extra clean-ups and ignore the piles of laundry for just a little longer and say YES.  When was the last time you said yes?

photo (4)

blurry picture, because who wants to stop drinking cocoa so mom can take yet another picture of you!

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