Stop saying “Hurry up”

It is the last day of a jam packed fun filled 10 day vacation to the beach with our kids. I’m exhausted, They’re exhausted, but our memory banks are full of awesome adventures.
Most of you understand that a vacation with kids is really called a trip. Although it’s an amazing time filled with fun memories,it’s also a lot of work. Wanting to make sure we always had time for fun and that everything got done in the midst of the craziness, I tend to say “hurry up” a lot, rushing my family from one activity to another. After finishing up packing the Beachhouse and sweeping the piles of sand out of the front room, I sat down to take a little breather and scroll Pinterest. I stumbled across this amazing blog post all about letting your children enjoy life and stop saying “hurry up.”
Then just as I was about to get up and rush to finish the rest of the cleaning, Cohen wanted to hold hands.

Talk about it instant opportunity to learn a valuable lesson. So the cleaning can wait and I’m enjoying sitting on the couch holding my 2yo’s chubby hand. Enjoy life.

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