All Things Girl and a Polish by Laura Giveaway

That precious moment when I first met our sweet baby girl Emerson is a moment I will never forget.  After Jerad emotionally stammered his announcement to the operating room that the newly delivered baby was in fact a girl, I started bawling….literally huge tears falling from my face.  The idea that the Hill family could produce a girl was always a fun idea, but we just figured we’d always be a family of handsome, rugged, motor loving boys.

Then Emmy girl came into this world and suddenly everything was starting to look a little more pink. My mother, mother-in-law and grandmother threw us a beautiful “Welcome to the World” shower filled with special girly details.  We were finally able to use all the beautiful treasures we had collected over the years, and there wasn’t a monster truck in site.*

*disclaimer: We totally have a pink monster truck for her and there are already plans for a girly go kart for when she’s bigger.  Gotta keep up with her brothers and show em’ girls can race to 🙂

emshower3Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys and all that comes with being a mother of boys.  I love the monster truck races, the sword fights and their obsession with anything that has a motor and goes fast.  But for the first time in my life, I have a mini me…someone to share girly things with! I have actually started using some of the fabulous crafty treasures and embellishments that I have been hoarding and have loved too much to use on someone else (selfish I know).  The “E” below is made out of all my favorite buttons that I have collected over the years, one even being off of my grandmother Diane’s own baby outfit! Emmy’s baby mobile I made out of velvet ribbons and crystals I had been saving for something special, and the newly painted frame is filled with one of many beautiful fabrics I’ve bought but was to frilly to put anywhere else in my house. Oh, yes.  Having a girl is something else.


And then there is my Pinterest and the never ending girly goodness that one can find there.  Now all those pins that I had been secretly pinning or sending to other friends with daughters are going into a board all their own… My “All Things Girl” board…. here’s a peek at that cuteness

All things girl

Yes, having a sweet chubby cheeked little girl has opened a whole new world for me.  I know one day we probably won’t see eye to eye on clothing, she will think I’m totally “uncool” (right, like that will ever happen 😉 ) and if she’s half the drama I was as a little girl, I know I will have my hands full, so I’m going to completely enjoy all the quiet cozy cuddles, the ruffles n’ bows and sweet baby smiles.

Now for the Giveaway!!

What’s better to celebrate the arrival of a new baby girl than with an adorable bow giveaway! I partnered with Laura from Polish by Laura who is a local friend and also a fellow mom of two cuties who creates adorable handmade goodies! She just gifted Emerson with a super cute n’ cozy topknot headband and two leather bows! Thank you Laura! Of course Emerson jumped at the chance to model one for you….


Pretty stinking cute right?IMG_1744

And the two leather bow bands as well….She has a little growing to do before they will fit.

Absolutely adorable.  Learning that there is always time for a bow.


Laura was so sweet to gift these to us and for the Giveaway she will give the lucky winner two leather bows of their choosing!  A winner will be randomly chosen Monday, January 13 and then they must contact Laura to choose their bows! Simply follow the Rafflecopter instructions below to be entered!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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    1. Your post makes me think that maybe I can produce a boy child!….but I’m not sure I’ll try! 🙂

    2. Post

      Lol Rebecca you guys would have a super cute boy!! I say do it! 😉 and thanks, having a girl is awesome!!

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