Those special hours….

While out to dinner the other night, hubby and I started on the inevitable conversation that takes up most conversations of late: baby. We are exactly one month away from our second bundle of joy arriving and the desire to hold that precious one in our arms is overwhelming! Especially since Mr. Liam has entered into his toddler independence and cuddle time is sparse.
We both agreed that the time we look forward to the most is those few special days in the hospital with just us and baby. Sure, jerad will be sleeping on a couch, I will just have given birth and will be examined and bugged every 30 minutes, and the food will most likely be horrible, but it’s still our favorite time. Nothing is expected of us except to cuddle our new baby. No food to cook, no house to clean, and no emails to answer.
Although going home is always an incredible feeling, and once there we will be a complete family of four (wow) with our first born snuggled on the couch with us, these blessed couple days are very much anticipated.
A free pass to cuddle ALL day and night? Oh, yes please!

Here is a picture from our uninterrupted hospital cuddle time with our firstborn Liam: perfect right?

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  1. Mallory I loved the picture of Jerad cuddling Liam when he was first born , makes me happy that you and Jerad have so much love for your family , the little one will certainly be joining a very loving family , asking GOD for a safe arrival for your new little one .GOD BLESS Can’t wait to see the new arrival , won’t be long now !!!I love getting your blog on my email .Love to all Pauline MacLean Ontario Canada

    1. Post

      Pauline, Thank you so much and for the prayers! I have definitely been blessed with an incredible husband and baby boy to love on, I know it won’t be hard to add another sweet face to the mix! We will be having pictures all over Facebook when this little one decides to bless us with it’s presence, So stay tuned! 😉

      Dad, I agree with you %100: an irreplaceable bond.

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