Trying to let it go….

Ever seen this sign?

Or how about this one?

I now have a new appreciation for them and their marvelous words! I may even paint them in very large letters all over my walls!

I have a beautiful family! I love my amazing husband and my darling, sweet and mischievous boys! But, at times my house can tend to disagree with me.

I used to clean my house in one fell swoop, starting at one end and finishing at the other with a sparkling house behind me! Man, how things have changed! I’m lucky if I get a shower, let alone clean my sticky kitchen floors! I always pictured my life with happy children, folded laundry and yummy healthy meals on the table every night! By the grace of God and the wonderful patience of my husband, I am learning that life looks a little different!

I’m learning that if I only get the dishes done and my teeth brushed, but I have two happy and healthy boys, it was a good day. One day, I will be able to return to my old way of cleaning, but for now I’m letting go and letting my super duper awesome helper lend a hand…even if it means I have to go back and re-fold the laundry during nap time! 🙂

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