How to use your vintage beauties

If you are anything like me, you stumble across some beautiful vintage treasure, fall immediately in love with it, bring home and realize you have no idea what you are going to do with it. But you love it, so you have to keep it.  I have a lot of them.  Actually I usually have a cupboard full.  Eventually I find the perfect spot, place and use for them, but it usually takes a bit of soul searching 🙂

*Sometimes I find something I love so very much that I really don’t care if it has a use or not.  It’s going to be displayed and loved!

Scrolling Pinterest, Instagram and those beautiful magazines usually sparks the inspiration for using my pieces, and even then an idea can spark out of necessity (like when I needed a place for my kids to put their shoes, and then I remembered that I had a gorgeous black mid-century plant stand)

There are the occasional vintage pieces that I only pull out for parties, like my Vasoline glass berry bowls from my grandmother, or the many different milk glass pieces I have accumulated and just can’t be squeezed onto the hutch.

Of course, there have also been these beautiful pieces that I have found, and just could never do justice to, then my mom, cousin or friend sees it and immediately has the most perfect idea for it.  So I of course pass it on! A vintage piece isn’t getting the attention it deserves sitting in the back of my hutch, no matter how much I love it!

On that note, I thought it might be useful to start this vintage shop blog with some great inspiration pictures on how to use those beautiful and unique vintage items! Full posts and a links can be found via My Pinterest Boards!


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For more great ideas on how to use your favorite vintage pieces, check out my Pinterest board I’ve started!



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