Wandering in Seattle 

One of our good friends is getting married tomorrow in Seattle so Jerad and I came up a couple days early to take a break and spend some uninterrupted time together. (HUGE thank you to my parents for holding down the 3 kid circus back at home!)

We’ve literally spent the last 24 hours wandering and eating and shopping and eating. 


I have friends without children who take these activities for granted. But after you become a parent, as big of a blessing as it is, a 1.5hour plane ride alone seems like a little piece of heaven. 

This afternoon we left our cute little AirBNB apartment and each went different ways down the street: Jerad to the water to fly his drone and take pictures and I to the right in search for treasures and coffee. 

I walked 2.5 miles wandering around the amazing character filled neighborhoods listening to podcasts and sipping my drink. 

It was perfection. I love my children so much it hurts, but it is also important for us as moms and dads to get away, step back, recharge, regroup and let the distance make our hearts grow fonder. 

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