What a Whirlwind

The past couple months have been a complete whirl wind.  I feel like any organization, mental capabilities and simply the ability to function as a human being has completely left me.  Dark circles, a “few” new grey hairs and a woman living in survival mode is left laying in the dust….dust bunnies that is.  I went grocery shopping today, and I’m pretty sure I was given more that a couple sympathetic glances, which were returned with a glazed over look of confusion as I simply tried to navigate my grocery list.

A little recap:

1) We found a new home (praise God!) and decided to start the exciting adventure of moving and all that it entails

2) Our air conditioning went out at our current home during a heat wave

3) 3 days later I came down with SEVERE Salmonella poisoning which resulted in a ER trip and 4 days in the hospital.  Apparently I was very close to meeting my sweet Savior…seriously, Salmonella is NO JOKE!

4) Because of the risk of my 105F Fever coming back, I couldn’t go home to our current house with no air conditioning, so my AMAZING INCREDIBLE TOTALLY AWE INSPIRING Family not only watched our children while I was in the hospital, but packed, moved, unpacked and cleaned our entire house in less than a week (insert standing ovation)

5) it took a couple weeks before I was feeling myself again and had the strength to take care of my kids, so my husband, grandmother, mom or mother-in-law had to stay with me during the day.

6) Liam started Pre-K

7) Cohen no longer has a pacifier…which with any of you with “Binkie” babies, know this is a big deal….one that has resulted in him having a harder time going to sleep

8) Jerad’s Business has been growing and keeping him busy(total praise), with even a few week long trips thrown into the mix

9) Jerad’s Grandmother, who we were very close with passed away suddenly….I still go to call her some days.

So, all of this was thrown into the daily chaos that is life with three little babes, your own business and just life in general.  All my plans, my 30 day detailed and SUPER organized move and way of functioning was thrown right out the window.  Yet again God was reminding me that I’m not in control. That I don’t have it all together.  He doesn’t require perfection, but that in the middle of the chaos and hardships I can completely rely on Him and all His grace, mercy and goodness. I can trust Him to pull it all together and carry me gently to the other side.

As I write this, I realize He has gingerly set me back down on my feet but hasn’t left my side.  Which is good, because I’m still having a hard time knowing whats up or down.


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