Brief Update of the Hill Home

I realized that it had been quite awhile since I’ve posted anything on here.  Life has gotten busy and hectic and honestly I’ve gotten a little lazy along with it….any extra minutes I have to myself have been spent sleeping or staring aimlessly at the TV.

So I thought it was time for an update.

WE ARE PREGNANT! Baby #3 is due the first week of November and after 5 months of morning sickness and fatigue, I’m finally starting to feeling like myself again.  Even started a few nesting projects, all that were photo documented with the best intentions of posting on the blog…they’re not going to make it.


We are still working on the potty training with Liam, now with the added deadline of preschool starting in August.  That has been a great motivator though as he is really excited to be going! We stopped with the sticker charts and M&M treats every time he went though as that was not working, and instead whenever he has an accident, he helps to clean it up.  I think the idea of cleaning up his own fecal matter off the floor grosses him out as much as it does me, and he is now doing great!

Oh and he is talking up a storm….seriously, the things that come out of this kids mouth never ceases to amaze me!

For example:  While we were heading into the Yogurt Mill for a much needed treat, he found a small toy hiding in the bushes.  It was obvious it had been there for awhile and I told him to put it in his pocket for later.  He followed up with, “No, Mommy. This is someone else’s toy and they could be looking for it!” Shame on me.  We gave it to the Yogurt Mill worker for safe keeping in case someone did come looking for it.  It was a moment I will never forget….he showed true kindness and compassion.


Cohen is now full on walking and trying as hard as he can to keep up with brother.  His personality is really starting to shine and let me tell you, this kid has some spunk.  But for every wrestling match he starts or stink face look, he is full of cuddles and kisses! Everyday there is a new word and a new discovery! Cohen is currently obsessed with bananas, Curious George and his much loved Raccoonie blanket.

The picture is his “cheese” face! Being a photographers son, he knows the drill!


The hubby has been busy as ever managing multiply businesses and working hard to support our growing family! So proud of that man and all that he has accomplished!  But he still makes time for us crazies!

Although it’s been a crazy summer so far, we are having a blast and enjoying every moment as a family of four before baby arrives! I know life will only get crazier as my due date approaches, but I’m going to try harder to post on here more….if nothing else then to just get all these special moments and thoughts down somewhere where I won’t forget them!


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