Those Moments That Prove Your Love

I truly enjoy hearing other women’s horror embarrassing stories about those moments where their whole-hearted love for their children was able to show through.  So I thought I’d share mine.  To this day, it has remained one of the most humbling and embarrassing mommy moments I have had.

A couple years ago, a few months after our first son Liam was born,  the hubby surprised me with a 4 day anniversary trip to Hawaii!  The only problem was that I was nursing still and didn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Knowing that Liam would be in good hands, I left enough milk supply for him to make it through the next few days (my freezer looked a Costco Milk aisle).  But, this also meant that I would be bringing along my trusty breast pump so that I wouldn’t run dry…nothing says “sexy” better than a breast pump next to your bikini.

Since we had missed our first flight, we had a small layover….that did not bode well for my pumping schedule!

Knowing I wouldn’t make it through the flight and to our hotel, I grabbed my bag and headed for the nearest airport bathroom.   Walking into a nearly deserted ladies room, I frantically searched for a plug (as I forgot batteries and had to use the electric cord) that was near a stall, allowing me to hide.  No such luck.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

Okay, fine.  My love for my son was greater than my pride.  Right?

By now the bathroom was completely empty, so I threw my bag onto the sink counter, plugged in and bared all, determined to keep my head high and the pump session quick.  I thought this couldn’t go any worse.  Wrong.  Right in the middle of pumping, a flight must have come in because about 30 women stormed the bathroom!  I tried to look nonchalant, and even attempted to read a book that was in my bag, but even above the roar of bathroom commotion, you could clearly hear the pulsating vacuum sound of my pump.

Oh, the horror.

I tried to become one with the paper towel dispenser and melt into the wall, but that didn’t keep the strange looks and a few sympathetic smiles from coming my way.  I made matters even more awkward by giving a woman who was blatantly staring at me a good ol’ fashion head nod. What?! Who does that?!

As quickly as I was able, I unplugged, dumped, dashed, and returned completely humbled and red in the face.

Oh, the things we mom’s go through for our children.  There have been other moments like this and I know that they are far from over, and I’m sure tomorrow will bring on a whole new adventure.  Good times.

Now that I have shared mine, you should share yours!

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