China Cake Plates

I’m a pretty big cake plate fan and the other day i thought this would be a really fun craft to try. I went down to the local antique emporium, which is amazing by the way, and found two inexpensive china plates that I liked. Matching them with a candle stick I got at a garage sale and another from my mom, (thanks Mom) I added some super glue (highly recommend NOT using Gorilla cause it bubbles like crazy) and Ta Da! My very own crafted cake plates. They turned out wonderfully girlie! I’m thinking about using the smaller one as a jewelry stand!
I can’t wait to attack the garage sales and consignment shops this weekend to hunt down some more!

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  1. This would be such a cute idea for a baby shower or even a bridal shower! I love this idea!!

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    OK, after making these two particular plates, Gorilla glue is horrible! it dries all bubbly and looks like Styrofoam! Best glue to use so far is Two Part Epoxy that drys clear!

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