Displaying Christmas Cards

As soon as the holiday season had started, my mind was overrun by decoration ideas for our home! With Pintrest at my fingertips, the ideas where endless! This year I really wanted to display our Christmas cards we received from friends & family in a fun and creative way, instead of just taping them to our entertainment center like last year. Then all of the sudden, December is half over and I have a nice lil’ pile of cards on my desk waiting to be displayed. Oops. As Christmas draws near, and although my To Do list is dwindling down to the last few, I just couldn’t find it in me to do anything wonderfully spectacular. Not to mention being in my third trimester with baby #2 had sucked all energy out of me! So this is what I did:

1) Red polka dot ribbon
2) Left over paper rosettes from previous craft
3) clothespins
4) Christmas cards

Simple, and yet completely efficient. I will continue to add ribbon on each side as we receive more cards. Now to see just how long before Liam realizes it’s there and tries to pull it down!
Since card display awesomeness didn’t happen this year, I’ve saved some inspirational pictures for next Christmas!

Martha Stewart


Ashley Ann Photography

Over The Big Moon

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