My Giant Cross Stitch Rose

I love to cross stitch. Am I good at it? Not particularly, but I find it strangely calming, probably just my OCD and my love for counting stitches.

I’ve had this Pin on my Crafty board for awhile for a big painted cross stitch rose from blogger Alison at Whimseybox.com and I love how it turned out! But I wanted to try it with yarn.  So I gathered my supplies, subbing yarn instead of paint and set to making my X’s following her same pattern, just tweaking it in certain places.

photo 2

Supplies: Yarn, Scotch tape, Large white peg board that I picked up at Home Depot

Quick tip: I wrapped the ends of my yarn with scotch tape like a needle making it easier to thread through the peg board.
photo 3
Liam even got in on the action! He loved making the X’s and feeding the yarn through to the back side, then waiting patiently for me to thread it back to him! Talk about a great small motor activity for kids!
photo 4
I worked at here and there and enjoyed it so much that I kept threatening to peg board cross stitch every room in my house…much to the horror amusement of Jerad.
photo 5
I really love how it turned out.  It’s colorful, crafty and totally funky! I was planning to hang it over my craft table, but I think I may actually hang it over our master bed!  Yes, I’m loving it that much.  Since it’s almost as big as my kitchen table, buying a frame could get pricey, so I’m still deciding whether to build a frame for it or just leave it be.

What do you think?

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  1. Mallory, this is awesome!!! I have never seen this done before.
    How so very clever! It was SO NICE to meet you and your mother


    1. Post

      Thank you!! I’ve seen a few done here and there. It’s definitely a lot of fun! And it was wonderful meeting you as well!!

  2. Hi there, I so so so love this I went out and bought a pegboard so I could make one for our home with my kids but probably because this is such an old post I can get the link to work for the pattern. I would soo appreciate any help with getting hold of the pattern you could give please? Thank you Hannah

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