Last Minute Art Project…

Two weekends ago, Jerad and I volunteered at the American Cancer Society Gala.  Jerad has been on the planning committee the past couple of years and provides all the photography needs for the event.  Part of the package is that he donates photography packages for the silent action that takes place through the night, and being me, I wanted to present them in a fun and creative way…forget about a simply envelope, I wanted something different.  The only problem was that I waited until the day of the Gala to get started: OOPS!  So I ran to Michael’s Craft Store and walked the aisles.  And then I walked them again.  And once more.  Now with my cart full of potential ideas, I was panicked.  So I called the one person I can always count on when it comes to all things crafty….my Mother!  After awhile, we decided on a plan.  I gathered the needed materials, rushed to my mom’s house and got started.   And this was what we came up with….quite proud actually!

For the two family portrait certificates, we covered four styrofoam 3″ balls with moss with hot glue, stuck them together with small stakes, and then hot glued on the brightly colored ribbon and old button we had stashed away! They turned out so cute!  I’m actually thinking about making some for myself!  For the senior portrait certificate, I simply took advantage of the many graduation scrapbooking supplies Michael’s has and placed it in a clear plasitc frame!  They were a big hit at the Gala and looked fabulous!   THANK YOU MOM FOR ALL YOUR HELP!  LOVE YOU!

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  1. So very creative! I have to give myself a limit when I got into Michaels or I’ll go crazy, so much cool stuff to do! Very Cute ideas!

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