Our shoe pile…


This is our shoe pile. I hate our shoe pile, and yet we always have a shoe pile. We’ve never been a house that makes you take your shoes off upon entering, but as soon as we walk in the door, literally 5 steps away (or 10 if you’re Cohen) shoes come
Flying off and land in this mass pile.

When I first started noticing this happening, I thought to myself that I wouldn’t allow this to become a habit. It’s messy and disorganized and shoes belong in your closet. But sadly I’m my own worst enemy and I usually have just as many if not more shoes in the pile.

It seriously drives me nuts. I have pins on Pinterest that are supposed to help me put an end to our eye sore mountain of shoes, but alas I’ve decided to pick my battles.

And to be honest, this just doesn’t seem to be one I want to fight.

Not to mention that my 3yo and 2yo now call that area of the room “the shoe pile” even when there are no shoes there. (Smacks face in resignation)

What is something that drives you nuts but you’ve decided against the effort in fighting that battle?

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  1. Giiirrrrrrrrlll, we have a shoe pile too! UGH! We bought a fancy IKEA shoe cabinet to hold not only shoes, but my purse and Ryan’s wallet & keys too. But that worked for all of a week. So now we have shoes in our closets, shoes in the shoe cabinet, AND a shoe pile. People always see the pile and get that look of panic on their face like, “Oops! Were we supposed to take off our shoes?!” And then I have to explain that we don’t care if you wear your shoes or not… we just prefer to be barefoot. I, like you, have just decided it’s not worth the battle. Except, as I type this, I realize that my boys’ shoes are only going to get bigger, and so is my shoe pile.

  2. I’m with Jessica on this one. Our kitchen counters collect so much junk. Layers upon layers. I put a nice basket on one counter thinking it would organize the chaos and keep the counter cleaner, but now that basket is full so the counter continues to pile one.

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