Pinterest Pins I WILL accomplish

Like a lot of other women I know, I have Pinterest boards filled with wonderful and amazing ideas, recipes, crafts and cleaning pins that I have found and said I would do. Sadly, I don’t think I have done any of them. So this post will be hopefully the first of many and my accountability partner, as I hope you will be to. Here are the Pins I plan on completing within the next two weeks. I will be posting about how they turn out as I do them.

What’s in your Pinterest Boards that you want to do, but haven’t yet?

Sewing Machine Cover for my new sewing Machine: Tutorial from Stay At Home Artist

Old Tray into a Chalkboard…probably for a Weekly Menu Board. Pictures from Pinterest and Signature Style Blog

Laser Beam Hallway Game with crepe paper for Liam! From ChickenBabies! I plan on trying this myself, pretending to be Catherine Zeta Jones in Entrapment 😉

Now that Liam will actually be able to take a bath since his cast is off, what is more fun than a tub full of glowsticks! Image:FFFFOUND!

Have started noticing some water spots n’ such on my dishes, which made me think about how to clean my dishwasher! Jillee from “One Good Thing” shows us how!

A very yummy snack that I am going to make for the boys party, and maybe every other day after that! 😉 Recipe from First Look Then Cook

I’m always a fan of a good slow-cooker recipe and this one sounds so yummy! Lemon Garlic Chicken from LaaLoosh!

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