Spring has Sprung, and so has all the projects!

My super amazing, totally awesome hubby just moved his home office down to a new office building, which lucky for me, opened up our now extra bedroom to be my new crafty space! Or, as my hubs calls it, “my crafty corner.” Ever since Liam was born, all my arts and crafts have been smooshed into what little space there was left in our master bedroom. But that got old quick, especially since it always overflowed into our sleeping space in the late hours of the night! So now that I have a space to once again call my own, I thought I would share some before and after pictures! Hubs still has some office stuff left in a few corners and I have A LOT of organizing left to do, but here is what I have so far!


With Spring here, I’m loving all the bright and beautiful colors! What I’m not loving is the piles of clutter n’ dust that have accumulated since that spring! So I’ve been tackling projects here and there, throwing away junk, donating older stuff and finding new and better places for the items that I want to still keep! So, while sipping some delish coffee and meandering my way through my favorite blogs, I stumbled across this GREAT ARTICLE from belle maison by Jules! She shares some very creative and very useful ways to organize with what you already have, or with items that cost next to nothing! Check out a couple of these pictures!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one of the teacups and saucers! This would be beautiful on the top of a vanity shelf or even on a table of it’s own!

So along with all of the cleaning and organizing, I am planning my son’s first birthday party, a bridal shower, decorating 20 tables for a women’s event at church and still managing to find time to be crafty! Here are some pictures…

Found this lil’ beauty at a antique store in Oakdale….I plan on painting it white, and doing a lil’ shabby Chic-ing and using it for cupcakes!

Making these flower pom pom balls for the bridal shower! They are actually fun to make, once I stopped stabbing myself with the pins! Check out this SITE for complete instructions!

I have had TONS of paper scraps left over from my latest projects, so I have turned them into paper garlands!

Liam’s first birthday Invites! It’s a classic sailor theme!

Fronts and backs of the bridal shower invites that we did for Caitlin’s shower!

So as you can see, I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy! But I am having a blast! Quick question though….yesterday my aunt gave me these beautiful green dishes that were my great great grandmothers! Anyone know the name or exact style these are? I plan on taking them down to the local antique store to find out some more information on them, cause I was having a hard time finding them online

And just for fun, and because I have so many pictures in this post what’s one more….here is Liam on his very first Easter!

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  1. Love your new craft room! It totally makes me want to do mine! Can’t wait to move so I can!!! Great job Mal~

  2. so….what were you up to with my Easter wreath? while the cat’s away, the mice will play! gma t by the way, it does make for a cute photo!

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