Baby Armoire Makeover

Among the many other preparations I have been doing getting ready for our little bundle of joy, finding baby furniture was one of them. And one that I was not necessarily enjoying; either it was to expensive, not the right color, not practical, or too practical. Then my grandmother called and asked if I wanted her old pine armoire for the babies room. I’m not a plain pine fan, but I loved the idea of an armoire so I accepted. Since all the other baby furniture that I had finally found was dark, almost black wood, the pine stood out like a sore thumb. So being the wonderful women they are, and with a little help of some ice tea bribes, my mother and aunt came over and we tackled the makeover, including a failed attempt at staining, horrible paint brushes and some fabulous new knobs from Anthropologie.

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  1. you did a beautiful job on the Armoire Makeover , I refinish and build furniture and I couldn’t have done better , It beautiful and I love the Mobile also .Can’t wait to welcome you little one .Good luck and GOD Bless all of you .I love reading all your comments

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