Pinterest Holidays and a DIY Holy Week Box

We’ve all seen them, and most of us have even attempted some of the outrageous crafts, activities and surprises that correlate with every flipping holiday on Pinterest.  Every. Single. Holiday.  Now, don’t get me wrong, they can be wonderfully fun with awesome memories made, and I promise there is no judgement coming from the other side of the computer! But it can be exhausting!

And I can be the worst at it, which is sad considering I was birthed and raised by the woman who lives for this sort of thing! My mom is the best at making every holiday a great one and it’s all about the details and the memories and the learning!  I cherish her for it!

But as stated above, I’m lacking in the holiday magic.  For example, last week was St. Patrick’s Day and I totally forgot until the night before. I had no hidden gold coins and my kids didn’t make an elaborate Leprechaun trap and it was a miracle that I was even able to find a clean green article of clothing for them to wear for school.  As I scrolled the internet that morning, past the pictures of amazing green food creations and green painted footprints I started to feel guilty.  I don’t want my kids to miss out on all holiday magic and fun! When their friends are telling them all the awesome stuff their mom made and baked and created, I don’t want them thinking “What the heck! I think my Mom’s mom function is broken!” BUT I also have to know what is important to me and the healthy balance that works for us, and sometimes I choose sleep.  I’m not a total holiday Grinch, so I ran to the store, bought a package of green sprinkled cookies and some corn beef and cabbage (which of course they wouldn’t touch) and we called it good.

But there are the holidays that matter a lot to our family. Ones that I want to mean something to my kids.

So today, Palm Sunday, my super creative Mom (Click here for her BLOG) surprised the kids with a Holy Week box to help bring the Easter story to life! At first, I thought, “oh man. something else I have to remember.” And then I gave myself a mental slap, listened attentively to my mom as she explained how to use it, and first thing when we walked in the door, we set up our Holy Week box!  Easter is an important holiday to us!

Here’s everything in the box, and it can be found inexpensively at any craft store!IMG_1979


Now let me walk you through what’s inside and how to use it!

You start with Palm Sunday: Wood peg Jesus and a Palm Branch (Verses Mark 11: 1-11)


Then on Thursday, you celebrate the Last Supper with Jesus, the miniature loaf of bread and cup (verses Mark 14:12-51) 


On Friday you place the crown of thorns on his head, and turn the box around to the side painted with the cross. (Verses Mark 14:53-15:47)


Then on Saturday you wrap your little peg Jesus in cloth and place him in the tomb box. (Verses Mark 14: 42-47)


Then after the kids go to bed, you sneak Jesus away, and leave the tomb box empty and the stone lid open …..BECAUSE THE NEXT DAY HE HAS RISEN! (Verses Mark 16: 1-20)


Simple. At their level. Creative and fun. Bam. Holiday magic.

If you have toddlers, make it sturdy.  If you have older kids, involve them in making it and get more elaborate and detailed!  Your toddlers (like mine) may only be able to focus long enough to help you set it up and listen to their cardboard Easter book.  Older kids can read the scriptures then explain what they are setting up!

Remember to make it appropriate for your family! No one will want to continue the tradition if mommy is begrudgingly going through the steps just to keep up with all those other internet moms!

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