Experimental Break From Our Arsenal

As you know, I have two boys…Two very boyish boys who love to battle and roar and shoot things and go fast and throw rocks and protect the damsel in distress (when she’s not engaging them in battle first).  But dang if sometimes I need a break from all that testosterone running, slamming and conducting epic battles around my home.  Listen, I’m not going to bash any of the boys being boys stuff…I love it, and at anytime during the day if you walk into my house, I’m usually armed with my own weapons incase of a sneak attack.

But today I decided we needed a break. We needed a little less brother against brother, or all against Mom and have a little more unity and happiness and peace (When my brother reads this, he will probably be in an uproar, and call me a peace loving hippy, but for a couple days I’m ok with that.)

So I collected our arsenal of weapons and bullets and swords and shields and ninja spikes and plastic brass knuckles (?!) and tucked them happily away.  I expect a riot and some gnashing of teeth, but I think they’ll get over it, and maybe just maybe play peacefully (for a moment) with some of the other amazing toys we have that always take backseat to the weapons.

Now, if they want to create some fantastic weapon out of Legos or some random stick they find in the gutter, or their piece of toast, HAVE AT IT.  But for 3 days there will be no pre-made weapons available in the Hill home.  After the 3 days are up, I expect a quite epic battle to take place, one in which I will most likely partake (Shooting your children with soft Nerf bullets is actually quite satisfying 🙂 ) But until that day, we will be enjoying a little less blood guts and glory.  Mothering boys is not for the faint of heart that is for sure!


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