First Day of Summer Break

Today marks the first official day of summer break for us! It’s Monday and we didn’t have to be out the door early (Praise Jesus!)…although my kids didn’t get the memo and still woke with the sun! (Lord, turn my water to coffee) But I was allowed a lazy morning in my bathrobe.

About mid-morning I was struck with the sudden panic of what I was going to do with these 3 crazy lovable kids, and the Pinterest pressure kicked in.

What secretly nutritional snack was I going to spend 3 hours making? (which we all know, they’ll somehow spy the smallest piece of minced carrot and to the floor it will go) What educationally enriching project would we create? I need to make sure they read 3 books a day, while I make themed meals around each one!  Oh, and dang, I still haven’t made that “If You’re Bored” idea jar.

Then I remembered something: It’s summer BREAK! That means it’s a reprieve for me to.  Our summer is jam packed with activities and trips outside the home that I think we will welcome any “boring” moments.

My kids are currently lounging on the couch, half naked, eating fishy crackers (probably will throw in an applesauce and call it lunch) and playing video games…for the past 1.5 hours and they are happy, laughing and enjoying time together!


Are all those Pinterest-y activities bad? Of course not! I will most likely do some this summer, but what I will do more of is telling my kids to go play! Go use your imagination! Stop relying on Mom to entertain you! I’ve told my boys many times that I’m pretty sure I see their brain melting out their ears from non-imaginative use.

So, fellow Mommy’s on the cusp of summer break….relax, enjoy yourself, pour another cup coffee (or mimosa) and JUST BE with your kids without the pressure of creating and planning and breaking the bank (and your back) over the idea of the “perfect” summer.  It will still be memorable and magical!
IMG_7388This picture is from our day trip to Pinecrest Lake yesterday. We brought a couple buckets and shovels and enjoyed being together in a beautiful place.


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