Making Lemonade

The boys have recently enjoyed watching a LeapFrog episode that teaches counting numbers and math as the characters make lemonade for their lemonade stand.
So naturally when the boys saw Nana’s tree full of beautiful bright yellow Meyer lemons, lemonade had to be made.
I decided to let them control the whole “experiment,” though I did cut the lemons.  They told me they needed water, lemon juice and sugar, though they didn’t know how much of each yet…hello, secret math lesson!


After using all their muscles to squeeze the lemon juice, they wanted to give it a try.  By all means, have it gents!  Their facial expressions were priceless!


I wish I had thought to video tape that moment, but the pictures of their faces are perfect.  They quickly decided that their lemonade needed A LOT of sugar, and Liam even suggested and tried dumping in the whole box. I quickly jumped in and suggested some water and then they scooped spoonfuls of sugar into the pitcher.


It took a couple of taste tests and of course more sugar, but they finally decided they had perfected their lemonade concoction.  And I’m not just saying this as a proud Mama, but it was really good!


Who doesn’t love a refreshing glass of homemade lemonade!

*I apologize for the horribly taken iphone photos. Especially as a photographers wife, I’m slightly embarrassed of them. But really, my life is busy with my kiddos and quickly capturing these precious moments are important, but not as important as enjoying the moment with them.

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